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About DS Gurukul


The motto of our college "Nation Building with Strength and Honour" is a neither a freedom cry not an empty promise but a herald for likeminded individuals who want to build a better tomorrow through a sustainable and progressive social change initiative.


To envision a life enhancing education by building capacities of the nation's future builders, well equipped with requisite knowledge, wisdom, abilities, competencies and skills to keep pace with the evolving global trends by integrating emerging pedagogies, technologies, professional practices, values and ethics with creativity.


To prepare nation builders by providing varied learning exposure to education.
To empower educators to face the challenges of nation building.
To develop capacity of prospective teachers to operate in an evolving national perspective in congruent with emerging values, ethics and morals.
To enable educators to be exemplary members of the society.


To provide varied teaching experiences to enhance capacity of prospective teachers and teacher educators. Developing diverse skills for lifelong learning.
To provide latest quality and IT integrated education which is life, vocation and career enriching and help them oriented to achieve excellence. Building core competencies viz. academic, professional, team building and adaptability amongst prospective teachers.
To cultivate and nurture human and spiritual values.
To transform would be teachers into knowledgeable and technology savvy citizens to face the challenges of education.
To develop peace, culture by assimilating the human rights knowledge for the development of peaceful global outlook.