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The Educational Technology Lab provides the DSGCE with technical support and resources. Our approach is to deliver responsive helpdesk support and provide access to the newest technology in education.
All of our computers are equipped with the Microsoft Office suite and Adobe Acrobat. The Lab also has the facility of LCD projector with screen, Overhead projector, Educational CD’s, Modules. The lab features limited free printing for College of Education students and members of the faculty. In addition, ETL provides a selection of equipment for faculty and staff to reserve and checkout.
ETL strives to stay at the cutting edge of educational technology, and makes available many resources for the College's faculty, staff, and students.


DSGC's Science/Mathematics Learning Lab's primary mission is to provide multiple types of science/mathematics instructional and tutoring assistance, additional resources, and materials for students to help and ensure a successful educational experience while studying. Our students make the lab a regular part of their study. It's a great place to enhance their teaching skills. The lab provides the students ample opportunity to make latest and informative models for the students for teaching.


Psychology lab is an integral part of faculty of education as the knowledge of psychology is essential for the prospective teachers. The main objective of this laboratory for B.Ed. is to acquaint the students with various tests, to develop necessary skills in them for administration and interpretation of test, so that they can know about learner and they can help in development of balanced personality of the learner.
The College has a Psychology Laboratory equipped with various psychological tests and equipments. It has various psychological tests including the intelligence tests, aptitude test, creativity test, personality test scales, attitude tests and interest inventories. Students assess personality, attitude and interest of learners through these tests.


In this era of Information Technology, where the world is dynamically evolving into a Virtual Global Village, communicating effectively is the key to success. Our college has well equipped modern Language Lab has 25 terminals with headphones. The language lab is a technological break for imparting skills in English. The language lab offers an exclusive result oriented and efficient to enrich the English language learning process. Break through the traditional teaching method with the rich teaching material contents, the digital language lab motivates student’s learning attitude, providing an interactive learning environment.


The College has a fully equipped Health & Physical Resource Centre, it provides ample opportunity for student to indulge in indoor & outdoor sports activities. The students can avail of indoor games like chess, carom-board & outdoor games like badminton, volley ball. Our mission is to help provide students with adequate resources to excel in sports by creating environment which imbibes on ethics of sportsmanship. College aims to develop professional competence through physical and emotional development for the benefit of student. The college organizes every year it’s Annual Athletics Meet in the College ground) in which members of the community, coveted persons are invited as guests. A properly organized March Past is also performed by the College Houses and the College Flag is hoisted during the event.


The college has a spacious Fine Arts Lab. It remains active throughout the session as it used for teaching Simple Expressional Competencies to all the 200 B.Ed. students as it is an important part and parcel of teacher preparation. Teaching of Art, proper use of Blackboard, proper use of teaching aids, preparation of teaching aids along with all the colourful competitions like Rangoli, Mehndi, Collage Making, Slogan writing, Poster making, Best-out-of-Waste, etc are held in this Lab. The skills of Teaching of Art and other subjects with the help of Art and Painting/Drawing are nourished here in the best possible manner.

Curriculum Lab

Changes and innovations in teacher education have placed increased demands on the curriculum laboratory. This lab provides better teaching and learning methods through the use of all kinds of instructional materials. Instructional materials range from printed to non-print; manual to electrical devices; audio-visual and manipulative devices. This lab includes display of Working / Non Working Models, Projects, raw material for teaching learning.